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Like many colleagues, I have strong ideals and principles with respect to my work and for my colleagues. The same ethical principles that drive my work are those that protect my clients, and I believe transparency in this case essential. You can meet some of my unshakable convictions, offering an overview of my work policy.

a) I work only with original models of my own development and, where necessary, I produce only copies of ancient and consecrated authors.

b) I reject and disdain the work of certain "professional" who copies the work of contemporary living collagues, as unfortunately I'm noting happening in recent years, even around here. I do not accept instruments coming from the hands of those who practice such act, either for emergency repairs or for adjustments and improvements. Nor do I accept them as part payment for orders.

c) I do not accept instruments for servicing or improvements of alive colleagues: in my understanding, if you musician chose a determined luthier instead of another, you must accept the state of the instrument delivered to you. Alternatively, rely on the same professional for maintenance.
In special cases, I consider some exceptions to the above rule: in relation to colleagues with whom I have very friendly relations or trade exchange; if a luthier ask me explicity to do the job; or if the same is seriously unable to perform the service.

d) I have a table of prices, including all the services I offer. For special instruments, very valuable or in very poor condition, I reserve the right to modify the value of the services. This is a common practice that considers the major responsibility involved in special situations.

e) I do not issue invoices, receipts or reports whose value is different from that normally charged. Likewise, my technical advice always offer my honest vision, according to my knowledge.

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