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Andrea Spada

Andrea Spada

I, Andrea Spada, am the responsible for everything that happens in the shop.

I'm always dealing with a project, and I never stop to study or do researches. 

My heros? It's so easy: Nilton de Camargo, Sandrino Santoro, my grandfather Arnaldo Spada, Gasparo da Salò and many others.



Meu avô ArnaldoAs far as I know, I am the first luthier (and also the first musician) in my family. Despite not having been born into the trade in the strictest sense I am proud to be the descendant of a family of artisans. My grandfather Arnaldo was trained by his father Bruno as a blacksmith, and in the use of the hand forge, using a medieval technique, and is considered to be the last one to have exercised this more traditional type of ironworking in Italy. Today a replica of his atelier stands in the "Museo del Lavoro Contadino" in Brisighella (Italy); the same atelier in which I grew up and had my first contact with hard work, guided by the great love and wisdom of a small giant.

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