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My Bridges

My Bridges (2)

My bridges are carved to measure

All my bridges are designed and cut based on original models, developed by me, and are individually conceived for each instrument.

Throughout the course of my career, either as a musician or as a luthier, I have used almost all types of bridges. I've always liked the French and Belgian bridges most, both for their timbre and aesthetic qualities.

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There are some substantial diffrences among the various models of bridges and the belgian, my primary source for inspiration, is specially different from the others...

My Model

In 2008, I designed a model that combined characteristics of both types, offering me many tonal possibilities.

My model was conceived initially using the same construction tools that I use for my instruments.

Therefore, it is easy to find in it elements of the golden ratio and Renaissance notions of equilibrium. This side image shows a sketch, from my model template, demonstrating how simple it is to find this information in my design...

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