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Grande Basse, 2014

Grande Basse (Bassetto)

Somewhat a bassetto or a very large cello. Intend to be tuned a fourth lower than the modern cello (LowG, HighE...).

Under planning/construction...

What is it?

It's inspired by the Amati Grande Basse, for the King Charles, but the outline is constructed around the Stradivari Castelbarco cello.

It will receive a flat back, lightly braced, and a viol style upper block. The neck will be of a modern fashion, setted in modern mortise, and the strings length will be something between 80 and 82 cms...

I'm currently searching for a fittable modern steel strings for it, as our Brazilian climate is not a good friend of gut strings...

Wood selection

For this instrument I'm preaparing a set of really exotic wood. Its brazilian name is "Grevilha", and its somewhat similar to Lacewood or Louro-Faia... it have a light yellowish color, really appealing, and amazing figures on all its length. It will give a gorgeous instrument under the varnish!

I have already re-sawed the ribs and I'm curently jointing the pieces for the back...

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